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winsome fashion OEM ODM dresses

Our main business is the OEM, ODM bandage dresses and high-quality dresses.

winsome fashion small quantity wholesale bandage dresses
Small-Quantity Wholesale

Offering a diverse and fashionable selection to customers, small quantity wholesale are accepted.

winsome fashion Boutique Accessories
Boutique Accessories

To build a better women’s clothing boutique for our customers, we also offer the accessories for selling clothes.


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The Rise of Floral Embellished Dresses in the Latest Fashion Trends

Hey fashionistas! 🌸   As we step into the latest fashion season, there’s a trend that’s blossoming everywhere – quite literally. Floral embellished dresses are making waves on runways and in wardrobes, and it’s easy to see why. Combining elegance with a touch of whimsical charm, these dresses are the

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How to Reduce Tariffs When Importing Goods from China

When engaging in the importation of goods from China, it’s crucial to explore effective strategies to minimize tariffs and ensure a smooth customs clearance process. This article outlines two primary methods: Under-Declared Parcel Value and Double Customs Clearance. One effective method to reduce tariffs is to employ under-declared parcel values.

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What is Bandage Dress

Bandage dresses are a popular type of bodycon dress that are known for their form-fitting and figure-hugging design. These dresses are typically made from polyester, spandex material that is designed to wrap tightly around the body, giving a sleek and sexy silhouette. One of the key features of bandage dresses

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